Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I know a lot of smart, funny people. Here are their special GAY PRIDE messages for YOU!

Watch the documentaries “Stonewall Uprising” and “Before Stonewall” and listen to the stories of the people who came before us that made our lives, today, pretty fucking amazing. History is a weapon! Also, spend less on cocktails and go support your local gay artists… like me!
-- Coco Peru, Drag Queen/Monologist/World Savior

Always respect and honor those who've paved the way for your rights today, and do your part to support and nurture the LGBTQ kids of tomorrow. Gay it forward!
 -- DJ Paul V.,

Thanks to the LGBTQ natives before us, our evolution is revolution. We're living in exciting times and shining on the frontlines. From Stonewall to No on Prop Hate, we are time travelers honey... so don't be late!
-- Kelly Mantle, Gay Bisexual Trans Lesbian

I wish Gay Pride events were unnecessary. I wish gay was just accepted as the normal thing that it is.
-- Susan Olsen AKA Cindy Brady

Eat, drink and be merry because happy Gays are good for America!”
-- Roseanne Barr, Emmy Award-winning Actress/Bestselling Author

Love yourself before loving anyone else. Like on plane, you put on your oxygen mask first, otherwise you'll pass out and your kids will die.
-- Julie Brown, Concerned Gay Icon

Being Gay taught me to never determine my self-worth through the eyes of others and to be proud of who I am.
-- Austin Young, Artist

It won't just “get better”, you're going to have to work your way through. Find some strong friends, take care of yourself and focus on your goals. You'll make it.
-- Calpernia Addams, Showgirl

Being Gay is not enough. The content of your character matters. Let it shine for all to see.
-- Jimmy James, Entertainer

Become the man you always wanted to marry. Love, honor and cherish yourself!
-- Joe Fitrzyk, Entertainment Blogger

Remember that what we celebrate on Pride Day is diversity. Not to be corny, but be yourselves for fuck's sake. It's boring when we all fit in!
-- Heklina, Drag Icon

It's you guys, not Oprah, who inspire me to live my best life. How selfish that sounds: "I just really like the way you make me feel!" But it's because of my gay friends that I take more creative risks, strive to make things beautiful and recognize the importance of proper shapewear.
-- Lindsey Alley, Former Mouseketeer and Current Chanteuse

Gay Pride doesn't need our words. We are stronger by speaking out with our actions. Like shaking common sense and civil rights into others. Shaking them just like a baby!
-- Deven Green & Joel Bryant, "Hollywood's power gay couple who just happen to be straight."

Pride is totes all about celebrating and embracing everyone and their ultra amazeballsness!!! A time to come together and spotlight our contributions to society and share the love in our community! And of course shopping for new rhinestone encrusted drop-crotch skinny jeans, going tanning, applying extra bronzer, stalking celebs with a cocktail or five! Cheersies!
-- Jessica & Hunter,

Please don't let Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" be EVERY Gay Pride float's theme song this year!
-- Bruce Daniels, Comedian

Be generous, be kind, and don’t apologize for who you are!”
-- Selene Luna, Hobo-Sexual

If anyone gives you any shit, I've got your back!
-- Ross Mathews, Long-time Gay

Powdered drugs are stronger than Pride. Celebrate your sexual freedom by loving yourself. Oh, and by SAFELY fucking & sucking to your hearts’ AND asses’ content! 
-- Nadya Ginsburg, Your Half Jewish Childless Grandma

As the demented and diminutive Pamela Des Barres of the drag world, I hereby issue the following edict for Gay Pride 2011: COCK IS THE NEW BLACK. No stylish sodomite's Summer wardrobe is complete without it!
-- Muffy Bolding, Writer/Hooker/Fag Hag Extraordinaire

Just remember that most venues are drug-free establishments. So pass all of your narcotics to me and I will dispose of them in the proper fashion!
-- Detox, Projected Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16

Crystal Waters! Black Box! M People! Snap! Bizarre Inc! Cece Peniston! Cheryl Lynn! Clivilles & Cole! Rozalla! Soul II Soul!
-- Drew Droege, The Man Behind the Internet Sensation “Chloe”

Live in the Loo! And I don't mean in UK toilets. I'm talking about the spirit of "Halleloo"... where you live everyday to the fullest without any fear of following your dreams!
-- Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Official PimpHo, RuPaul's Drag Race

Wig on, chin up, heels high, and lead by example!
-- The World Famous *BOB*, “Big Fag With Big Boobs”

Dear BLT Community, what can I say to an exceedingly preened “people” who are so fond of antiques and lady singers? Not much. I congratulate you on whatever it is that you’re so proud of. Now, whaddaya say we get you guys the right to vote?
-- Dina Martina, Talent-Stuffed Singer/Dancer/Gymnast

Forgive your parents, love your body, accept who you are and BE A NICE PERSON. Sometimes you win... but no one gets out unscathed.
-- Mario Diaz, Actor/Event Producer

Learn to grow old gracefully... Hire a hooker.
-- Ryan Landry, Playwright/Cocksucker/Patriot

Outing the world will save it. The final frontier. The meek WILL inherit the Earth!
-- Alexis Arquette, Troglodyte

Resistance is futile. We will destroy the human race. It's easier when you accept and embrace the GAY WORLD TAKE-OVER. Yes, we're recruiting your children through shows like “Glee”. Duh! Just accept that in only a few years we will have successfully turned all young people HOMOSEXUAL and they will be the last humans on Earth. But for now, have fun, party, celebrate!
-- Peaches Christ, Writer/Director/Drag Monster


  1. LOVE YOU, JACKIE! Honored to be a part of this! xo - Paul V.

  2. I want to have sex with everyone on this page.

  3. Many of these people are my role models. So this was very inspiring for me

  4. Isn't there supposed to be a ® after the word "Emmy"?

  5. Whatta way to prep for PRIDE! SHHHHH, gonna share!