Sunday, May 8, 2011


The National Enquirer recently ran a photo of former Aerosmith frontman and current American Idol judge STEVEN TYLER in a skimpy bathing suit with the caption "Dude Looks Like A Lady."

Um, I'm sorry, what's that phrase I am thinking of?  Oh yeah... "FUCK OFF!"

Okay, lets get a few things straight about the LEGENDARY Steven Tyler...

1) The man in 63 years old!  I hope I look THAT good at 63!  Hell, I didn't look that good at 33!  He may not be a muscle man, but he is a rock singer in his sixties -- not a male model in his twenties.  He looks GREAT!

2) The man is a force to be reckoned with.  He is supremely talented and one of the top male rock vocalists and frontmen of all time -- right up there with Jim Morrison of The Doors, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Freddie Mercury of Queen, Steve Perry of Journey and Bon Scott of AC/DC! And despite a few less-than-stellar songs from the Autumn of his career ("Dude Looks Like A Lady," "Love in an Elevator," etc.) the man is a poet!

3) The man is clean & sober.  He is also hilarious and, from what I have seen on American Idol, he doesn't seem to have a cruel bone in his body.

4) The man is ALIVE!

So, stop being a nit-picking American ageist asshole and look at this photo and realize that Steven Tyler looks great for his age and everything he has been through.  AND God love him for strutting his still-hot stuff on the beach and enjoying his fucking life!

You go, girl!

He and Helen Mirren should remake Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" music video!


  1. Another case where you put into words something i'd felt sympathetically oppressed by, so I'm glad you took a stand. I wish it didn't shock me that there are so many people without foresight who are creating a climate that will eventually victimize them as well. And as with most issues that need awareness, it's going to take the voices of people who stand against it. --Tom Cendejas

  2. People need to read The Velvet Rage and realize that, as gay men, we cannot and should not ignore or belittle people just because we are not sexually attracted to them! I am sick of it! People crawl up my ass when I am in drag and then treat me like total shit the next day when they run into me as a man. And the gay men who write-off all women and have no female friends? I cannot think of anything sadder...

  3. I agree Jackie, he is a Legend,& Hot !!!

  4. well put! the dickheads that write that kind of crap will be old one day as well... and will wish they look as good as Stephen does. loved him when he was a hot mess back in the 70's & still think he its one awesome musician today. I'm female and I'd hit that! and would love to be your friend, face beat or not.

  5. Id fuck him :)

  6. A friend of mine met him a few years back, rollerblading in Florida. Said he was one of the nicest people he has ever met.

  7. i prefer dudes who look like ladies! aerosmith and steven (and beautiful joe perry) are american treasures.

  8. I really love anonymous: "so many people without foresight who are creating a climate that will eventually victimize them as well."

    Thanks Jackie.

  9. helen mirren was plain looking 30 years ago..and now she is the personification of smoking hot!